A sound engeneer called Xiao is requested to record and gather the unique ambient sound of Costa da Morte. Is in that place where he meets Olalla, a tour guide who to collect seaweeds from Atlantic Ocean and the one who will help him to dive into the special local character. From then on, their lives will completely go beyond their control, just like a tide ruled by a greater force.


Sicixia is a feature film entirely shot in Costa da Morte, place considered in ancient times as the westernmost part of Europe, named Finisterrae by Romans.

THE DIRECTOR: Ignacio Vilar

Ignacio Vilar spent his childhood in the small village of Castrofolla (Petín de Valdeorras, Ourense). Village daily life, connection to nature and folk tales will soon awake and feed his great passion for film-making. When he was 18, Ignacio moved to Barcelona and founded a Film-Making School. Ignacio won the Carlos Velo award for his Ollo Birollo screenplay in 1989.

Before long, he came back to Galicia and established Vía Láctea Filmes, a film production company where Ignacio works along to direct feature and short films and both documentary films and tv series. His previous movie –A Esmorga (2014)- have meant a major turning point to Galician film industry, breaking records of theater attendance, receiving an outstanding reception by the audience and getting positive experts reviews. It was the first motion-picture filmed in galician language that became a Goya Awards nominee (Best Adapted Screenplay) and the most-awarded feature film at 20th Cinespaña festival in Toulouse, France: Best Director (ad hoc), Best Male Performance and Best Cinematography.

In 2015, Ignacio Vilar have received the Cultura Gallega award because of his commitment with galician language and culture promotion. Sicixia is his latest film.

Sicixia (2016)
A esmorga (2014)
Vilamor (2011)
Pradolongo (2007)
Un bosque de música (2003)
Ilegal (2001)
More info:

Year: 2016
Running Time: 98 min. aprox.
Language: Galician
ICAA Rating: Not recommended for children under 12 years old

Highly recommended to promote gender equality.


Monti Castiñeiras – Xiao
Marta Lado – Olalla
Arantza Villar – Alís
Artur Trillo – Olalla's uncle
Daniel Trillo – Pedro
Tamara Canosa – Doctor


Film Director   Ignacio Vilar
Screenwriter   Ignacio Vilar
Producers   Marina Fariñas, Ignacio Vilar
Cinematographer   Diego Romero Suárez-Llanos
Focus puller   "Ricky" Morgade
Sound   Bernat Fortiana
Film editor   Fernando Alfonsín
Production   Vía Láctea Filmes