Film Screening

Films Screening

VÍA LÁCTEA FILMES provides with the possibility of screening their last film SICIXIA throughout all the Galician region, which goes along with their strong commitment with approaching cinema to the general public. Furthermore, this alternative way of movie screening becomes a great supplement to its successful theater premiere.

 They offer a wide range of possibilities:

  • Summer open-air cinema
  • Auditoriums
  • High schools and colleges
  • Cultural organizations
  • Associations
  • And more

Hiring policy:

  • Public Communication rights leasing (one or multiple film screenings)
  • Rights leasing + technical features suitable for indoor medium-size venues
  • Rights leasing + technical features suitable for outdoors large format screening

In any case, Vía Láctea Filmes fully undertake the commitment to offer the highest technical quality (DCP or Blu-Ray format and first-rate audio and image features) in order to allow the audience to appreciate every single detail of a film of such singularity.

Besides, you can add some extra value to this MOVIE EXPERIENCE by hiring additional features such as director’s introduction speeches and conferences, as well as artistic and technical crew lectures. This would provide a whole and custom experience and also contributes to the approach between Galician population and the local cinema production.

More info

Film screenings Summer 2017 PDF (Download)

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